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Virtual Co-W0rking 

(*Body Double Strategy) with Hope Sandler

Join us for virtual co-working, accountability and community sessions! These sessions are free. We’ll have heads down work time where you’ll get to focus on your own current project or tasks – whatever feels most important to you. Whenever you need a burst of inspiration, you’ll be able to look up and see our community working alongside you. 

So much good work has been achieved, creative projects conceived, intimidating and sticky tasks finally tackled. 

Since we’ll be using Zoom for the sessions, you'll be able to be on camera and see all the other people you'll be working alongside. Please come as you are – think of it as a casual, comfortable shared space. Details below.


*Body doubling combines accountability with community in a way that works for people with executive function and attentional issues. Great for those tasks that you have no desire or motivation to start, 

or are difficult to accomplish alone.

Virtual Co-Working Sessions 

Please use the form on the Contact Page to request current virtual co-working schedule and Zoom link(s).

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